Our Impact

Quark International is one of Asia’s fastest-growing financial technology groups. Quark is incorporated in Singapore and has existing operations in Asia, America, and Africa continents.


The only way for poverty to be eradicated is through knowledge. Finacial literacy focuses on the ability to manage personal finance matters efficiently, and it inclides the knowledge of making appropriate decisions about personal finance, such as investing, insurance, paying for college, budgeting, retirement etc.

The lack of financial literacy may lead to making poor financial choices that can have negative consequences on the finncial well-being of an individual.

Througn our community platform and social sharing, we wish to encourage individuals to learn and able to paln their finances in a safe environment. We also work with companies to provide financial training to their employees.


Our Philippines, Vietnam, China offices employs over 100 staffs each geographical location. We believe in adapting our solutions to local conditions and are always sensitive to local cultures and the benefits of our local employees. We have been awarded BOI status by the BOT as a fully foreign owned international FINTECH company in Thailand. This is testament of Thailand government’s recognition of our capabilities and to our commitment to developing our talent pool locally.


 Our team of experienced mentors will be a valuable resource to start ups to propel your businesses to greater heights. Our access to funding may also help to further develop your products.