Quark Sets Up an Investment Arm

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Quark International, which powers the fastest growing financial technology companies is setting up its investment arm, Quark Investments. Quark Investments is a corporate venture accelerator. The primary mission of Quark Investment is to invest in founders with vision, grit, and excellent execution capabilities. We are looking to invest in founders with a desire to reshape markets and industries, especially in fintech, commerce enablement and platforms, digital infrastructure, and crypto/blockchain technologies. Through the expertise, experience, and vast network of Quark Investment, we aim to build a robust ecosystem to bring transformative solutions to the global market in a fast and sustainable manner. Our DNA is one of being globally focused, passionate about performance, and highly entrepreneurial in nature. We will not hesitate to roll up our sleeves to collaborate with, connect, and support founders as they navigate both the strategic imperatives and the operational details of building an exceptional company. We combine deep operating expertise with diverse market experience. We work collaboratively and diligently with CEOs to turn their ideas into reality. We will continuously back creators with a hunger to reimagine and reinvent the way money flows through the world. We invest in the wireless internet, new media, online games, social games, and e-commerce sectors. Champions for our companies, from investment to exit.   About Quark International Quark International is one of Asia’s fastest-growing financial technology groups. Quark is incorporated in Singapore and has existing operations in Asia, America, and Africa continents. Quark employs unparalleled technology to develop financial mobile applications that enable people to access financial solutions non-traditionally in an approved regulatory environment. Its mission is to create easy access to financial solutions and financial literacy knowledge via technological means such as mobile phones. Overall, establishing a sound financial infrastructure elevates the quality of life and reduces social inequality.   For strategic partnerships Feel Free to drop us a line: [email protected]
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