Quark‘s Thai Subsidiary awarded BOI Status

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Quark ‘s Subsidiary, Huyun Capital is granted “Board of Investment” (BOI) status in Royal Kingdom of Thailand. Quark’s long-term vision is to succeed in helping to create a POSITIVE IMPACT in the financial landscape of Asia. This is done via enhancing financial development, improving accessibility to financial solution and alleviating illegal financial solution providers. We want to see our technology being adopted widely and extend beyond the scope of financial products to include educational platforms which promote financial literacy for existing users to learn more about financial management. Through educational platform later, Quark wants to provide Higher Education opportunity for underprivileged students from poor families which is an important element in improving the living standards of an individual. This is done via our product offerings such as education loans to low-income students who wish to continue their education: ranging from the upper-secondary education to the undergraduate level. About Huyun Capital Huyun Capital is an investment holding company incorporated in Thailand. She is a wholly owned Thai subsidiary of Singapore Company, Quark International Holdings. HUYUN’s solutions serve as a bridge to connect business ecosystems and financial institutions. For business partners, the solutions help enhance their financial services, build and operate diversified financial products to better serve end users, leading to an improvement in traffic volume conversion and product sales About Quark International Quark International is one of Asia’s fastest-growing financial technology groups. Quark is incorporated in Singapore and has existing operations in Asia, America, and Africa continents. Quark employs unparalleled technology to develop financial mobile applications that enable people to access financial solutions non-traditionally in an approved regulatory environment. Its mission is to create easy access to financial solutions and financial literacy knowledge via technological means such as mobile phones. Overall, establishing a sound financial infrastructure elevates the quality of life and reduces social inequality.
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