Quark Investments Invests in Digital Solutions Platform, Union Lao

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Quark Investments announced that it will invest in a Digital Solutions company incorporated in Lao People’s Democratic Republic. The company in light is Union Lao. The investment will accelerate Quark’s entry into the fast-emerging Laotian market to continue its commitment to increase digitalization and financial inclusion in Asia. Union Lao will offer digital solutions for micro-to-small enterprises to go “Phygital”, so as to conveniently and affordably connect entrepreneurs with banks, employees, suppliers, and new markets and they can allow establishments to reach households and firms in a timely fashion. Digital solutions can promote financial inclusion in areas where the physical presence of institutions is absent and thus promoting the economic progress of the country. About Union Lao Incorporated in Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Union Lao is  “a leading independent technology platform providing efficient and Digital solutions to business and financial partners, enabling them to go “Phygital”. The company will offer consumer and business financial solutions platform for micro-to-small enterprises, Its mission is to create easy access to digital financial solutions and financial literacy. Overall, establishing a sound financial infrastructure to elevate the quality of life and knowledge for a BETTER LIFE. About Quark Investments Quark Investments’ mission is to invest in founders with vision, grit, and excellent execution capabilities. They look for founders with a desire to reshape markets and industries, especially in fintech, commerce enablement and platforms, digital infrastructure, and crypto/blockchain technologies. For Strategic Partnerships Feel Free to drop us a line: [email protected]
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