Quark expands into India

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Quark International who powers fastest growing lending companies in Asia expands into India. The expansion is an extension of Quark’s commitment to promoting financial inclusion in South Asia. Quark’s decision to enter India stems from its strong business domain knowledge in different verticals and different segments like banking, financial services, and insurance. We believe India presents immense opportunities of growth and we seek to provide employment and build a base to identify niche untapped segments and newer business models within the spaces of IoT led SaaS, SaaS-enabled marketplaces, SaaS enabled payments + lending platform. We believe with an excellent product and right distribution strategy, the business can be scaled and grow at an exponential rate. About Quark International Quark International is one of Asia’s fastest-growing financial technology groups. Quark is incorporated in Singapore and has existing operations in Asia, America, and Africa continents. Quark employs unparalleled technology to develop financial mobile applications that enable people to access financial solutions non-traditionally in an approved regulatory environment. Its mission is to create easy access to financial solutions and financial literacy knowledge via technological means such as mobile phones. Overall, establishing a sound financial infrastructure elevates the quality of life and reduces social inequality. For Strategic Partnerships  Feel Free to drop us a line : [email protected]
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