Quark expands into Africa

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Quark International which powers fastest growing lending companies in Asia expands into Africa continent. Quark has sent up a base in Nigeria. Quark’s decision to enter Africa is due to Africa’s relatively young population, increasing smartphone penetration, and a focused regulatory drive to increase financial inclusion for the masses. These factors are perfect for developing a thriving and dynamic fintech sector. Africa has a large unbanked population of 350 million, which accounts for 17% of the global population. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis, the Nigerian fintech landscape holds significant potential to grow revenues exponentially in the future. The pandemic is accelerating changes in consumer behavior, with Fintech companies positioned to plug the demand gap that are often ignored by traditional banks and create new products and services that add value to consumers and support them during this challenging time. Quark hopes to contribute and accelerate the recovery of the economy by bringing forth millions of unbanked consumers into the financial ecosystem and providing them with opportunities to be part of the economic progress. In just a span of six months with global pandemic in background, we have expanded our presence into new regions such as Latin America, and Africa. This is a testament to how fast the company has grown, and it is truly an expression of confidence and trust in our vision and the immense opportunity in the global market. About Quark International Quark International is one of Asia’s fastest-growing financial technology groups. Quark is incorporated in Singapore and has existing operations in Asia, America, and Africa continents. Quark employs unparalleled technology to develop financial mobile applications that enable people to access financial solutions non-traditionally in an approved regulatory environment. Its mission is to create easy access to financial solutions and financial literacy knowledge via technological means such as mobile phones. Overall, establishing a sound financial infrastructure elevates the quality of life and reduces social inequality. For Strategic Partnerships  Feel Free to drop us a line : [email protected]
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